Patients can get stuck.

We’ve seen it. Prior to coming in patients can get stuck identifying as their “ailment” rather than who they really are. It can be all encompassing sometimes. It’s up to our providers to help patients understand that this is something that they are experiencing; it does not have to define who they are.

A Patient’s Experience Matters.

Patients trust doctors with their health. When we think about the patient-doctor relationship, we realize just how important it is for that

Christyne Hoevel

Christyne, Office Manager

relationship to be a healthy one. When the relationship is strong, your health can and will improve.

Our Office Manager, Christyne, is the emotional connection in our office. When patients come into the office many are in pain, many more are struggling with symptoms they just don’t understand. Christyne offers a friendly, happy, and nonjudgmental experience. She strives to make everyone feel welcome. She genuinely cares about what they are going through and wants them to feel better.

“I think it’s important to have conversation. To make patients and their family’s feel comfortable is something I feel strongly about”

Emotional Connection

When you have an understanding of what someone is going through, you’re more empathetic and it gives you a greater capacity to be nonjudgmental.  Obviously, Christyne is not treating patients, but just her caring nature and an understanding for what patients are going through makes many patients more comfortable and better able to deal with the many changes happening to them. Christyne’s willingness to be vulnerable allows patients to open up and really be honest about how they are feeling.

Personal Experience

Our whole goal as an office is for our patients to feel more comfortable and to get back to who they were before. Christyne has a personal experience to share.

“I was hit by a car while riding my bike at a four-way crosswalk. The person didn’t stop at the stop sign and hit me. I flew off my bike and was thrown about 15 to 20 feet. I sustained a horrible concussion. Because of that concussion, I really understand what many of our patients are going through. A concussion is not just a headache. A concussion can be a whole myriad of different things. It can be light sensitivity, sensitivity to sound, anger, anxiousness, panic, headache, gut dysfunction, vertigo and dizziness.  Since I experienced all those things, I can recognize many of the same symptoms in patients when they come in. It allows me to be on a level with them in such a way that I can make a patient feel a little bit more comfortable. I understand what many are going through. I can give comfort to others because they can see that I’m on the other side of it–performing my job well. They will get through this. There is hope for improvement in the way that they’re feeling.”

You can get back to who you were before. It is possible with the treatments that we do in our office.