Getting Your Life
Back After a Concussion

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Dr. Ralph DeStephano, Functional Neurologist

Concussions & Functional Neurology

What to ask yourself while looking for help when nothing else has

Are you experiencing..
Headaches, Dizziness, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep difficulties, Balance issues?

Who have you seen for your concussion?
A neurologist, Your primary doctor, A chiropractor, Someone else?

What kind of treatment have you had for your concussion?
Medication, Physical therapy, Manipulation, Something else?

What kind of therapies for your concussion?
Vestibular, Exercises, Something else?

Has anything worked?
What are my alternatives?

Have you seen a Functional Neurologist?
If you answered “No” or “Not sure what a Functional Neurologist is”…

It may be time to find out what a
Functional Neurologist can do for you

Many have gone to traditional doctors and have had traditional treatments but nothing has worked so far.

When you suffer from concussion symptoms you just want to get your life back. You want to be able to do the things you used to do without the hindrances of concussion pain. You want to function without lack of focus, trouble sleeping, fatigue, depression or anxiety and there’s nobody out there to help

The traditional approach hasn’t gotten you to where you need to be. Doctors are telling patients that it’s all in your head or we can’t find anything wrong with you or even you should be better by now, but you are not and you need someone to listen and help.

What they’re saying is they don’t know what’s wrong with you. But, they just haven’t figured you out. Our first goal is to figure you out in terms of what’s going on and tell you how we can help.

It’s time to start looking outside the box and to do something different.

The goals are not only to reduce your pain and symptoms, but to educate you on how to prevent this pain and prevent this problem from returning.

We offer a 15 minute FREE phone consultation with a Functional Neurologist to help you discover how we can help!

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“I never turn patients away”

Dr. Ralph has made a life practice of accepting all patients, even those who have found no relief at other doctors.