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What is Functional Neurology?

It’s all about changing your brain. In the human nervous system, every part performs a specific function or set of functions. Through careful assessment, a Functional Neurologist can not only determine which areas of a person’s nervous system are weak, but also devise an appropriate treatment to improve the quality of how their nervous system functions.

The systems we evaluate

The Vestibular System

Inner ear balance center

The Vestibular System

Sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation is provided by the vestibular apparatus,
which in each ear includes the utricle, saccule, and three semicircular canals.
The utricle and saccule detect gravity (information in a vertical orientation) and linear movement.

Proprioceptive System

Muscles and joints

Proprioceptive System

This is Proprioception. These receptors from our muscles and joints inform us and give us Body Awareness and provide information on how we are moving -innately. The proprioceptive system is located primarily in the cerebellum, and it works closely with the Vestibular System and Tactile System.

Visual System

Eyes and the connecting pathways

The Visual System

The visual system is the part of the central nervous system which gives organisms the ability to process visual detail, as well as enabling the formation of several non-image photo response functions. It detects and interprets information from visible light to build a representation of the surrounding environment.


We immerses you into a dynamic brain training environment.

The GyroStim provides slow rhythmic repeatable motions to rehabilitate and retrain your brain after an injury as well as powerful randomized motions to boost your sports performance.


Conditions we treat using the GyroStim and other vestibular exercises are:
Concussion • Vertigo • Stroke • Parkinsons • ADD/ ADHD • P.O.T.S (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)
Developmental Learning Issues • Depression and Anxiety • Sports performance enhancement

dr ralph


Dr. Ralph Destephano
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
Board certified functional neurologist (DACNB)



Dr. Christie

dr mike


Dr. Michael Drzewiecki
Masters of Science in Sports Health Science (MS)
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation (FABBIR)
Board certified functional neurologist (DACNB)
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP)


I’ve suffered with the same pain for years until I met Dr. Ralph. He carefully explained what Functional Neurology is and how it works. I am now pain free and my life is much freer as a result. I want everyone to know about Dr. Ralph and this treatment.

Kayla, Rage Digital Creative

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