Physical Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care Chiropractic care is a complete system of evaluating a persons spine both as a whole as well as segmentally through a spinal exam and sometimes xrays. We focus on the functional relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The brain controls and coordinates all function [...]


Functional Neurology

 Functional Neurology is on the leading edge of Neuroscience and is an exciting approach to healthcare. We engage your brain and body, challenge and optimize your sensory-motor systems, and help you to perform at the best of your abilities.In the human nervous system, every part performs a specific function or [...]


Functional Medicine2

CONTACT US Learn More About Us Functional medicine is a form of healthcare that aims at optimizing the physiological processes of the body. Each person is unique and each physiological composition is different, therefore functional medicine addresses each individual differently. Looking at biochemical markers through a [...]